Prepaid card solutions for an organisation of any size

MobisCard provides global prepaid physical and virtual card solutions for corporate and personal cashless payments everywhere around the globe, hassle-free.

Top Up

Users can top up their cards 24/7 directly from a phone, with our eWallet app, or through multiple agents all over the globe.

Cash Out

Users can withdraw money from ATMs and agents in multiple locations worldwide.


Users can manage their funds and improve personal budgeting by tracking expenses, changing card preferences, adding or blocking additional virtual cards and more.


Providing cards to children, as a gift or for other special occasions, users can set spending limits and allowed expense categories, add funds and more.


Users will receive automatic alerts for the current balance, suspicious activities, reaching limits and more — in the app or via SMS.


Users and organisations can access monthly and annual billing reports with comprehensive details.


MobisCard’s solutions can be white labelled and fully customised to provide payment services and enable features that suit the specific needs of every organisation. When our clients want to take customisation even further, they can request access to our APIs.


With our APIs, organisations and businesses can easily and seamlessly integrate MobisCard's back office into their existing system as well as provide it as a stand-alone service.